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Can’t wait any longer for treatment? Try Hospitalsconsultants!

If you’re tired of being stuck on an NHS waiting list, there are alternatives. Hospitalsconsultants is a website that gathers together a number of top healthcare establishments from all over England and even France, giving you the chance to search for the treatment you need, when you need it!

Basildon University Hospital has a growing reputation as a centre for cardiovascular treatment

At the moment, the various hospitals and private clinics on the website can offer everything from carpal tunnel surgery and varicose veins treatment to arthroscopic knee surgery and femoral hernia treatment. Every hospital on the site has been carefully selected for the excellence of its staff and facilities and they are all highly-rated by their users, as is obvious from patient surveys. Places like Basildon University Hospital, shown below, offer a wide range of treatments, with a particular emphasis on conditions of the heart and lung.

This Essex-based hospital is also one of a number where you can pre-book a PET scan, which is a procedure commonly used to diagnose cancer. There are a total of 9 clinics on Hospitalsconsultants which currently offer PET scans. For more information on this procedure, just have a look at the dedicated page at