Children can be particularly vulnerable to peanut allergy
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DBV-Technologies – helping to make the world a safer place by combatting food allergies

Why not find out what’s renewing interest in alternative food allergy treatments with a visit to DBV Technologies’ internet site? Here you’ll find plenty of information about a new technique that many hope is going to put food allergies on the back foot. This French company has developed an adhesive patch known as the Viaskin patch, which is designed to offer a new way of tolerizing people to certain food allergies, including egg (  ), milk and peanut.

It’s estimated that hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from allergies and a proportion of these even run the risk of life-threatening reactions (anaphylaxis) if they eat the wrong food.

Children can be particularly vulnerable to peanut allergy

Children can be particularly vulnerable to several such food allergies, including peanut (click on the image below for more information) and cows’ milk protein allergy. The real advantage offered by the Viaskin approach is that it is not painful in any shape or form, making it much easier to diagnose and treat babies and young people. It’s also considerably more practical to administer than other treatments, such as oral treatments.