How the Viaskin® patch works
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DBV-Technologies – in the vanguard of a revolution in allergy treatment

There’s a revolution stirring in the field of food allergy treatments, and French firm DBV-Technologies is at the heart of it. Their website, contains details of their amazing new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of many common allergies, including peanut allergy and cow’s milk protein allergy. These two allergies alone affect millions right around the world, with many others also suffering from allergies to foods as varied as eggs and oysters.

How the Viaskin® patch works
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The ‘technology’ section (

of the site affords us a closer look at exactly how the Viaskin® patch works. The following cross-section of the patch will help you understand the role of the special condensation chamber, which is a crucial element of the design. Its main role is to keep the skin hydrated. This greatly facilitates the delivery of the allergens to the skin. This new patch solution is not only a way of delivering antigens to the body’s immune system without breaking the blood-skin barrier; it also does away with the need for adjuvants or skin abrasion. Furthermore, it’s totally pain-free, making it an excellent solution for treating young children.